Vibrant Streets Toolkit

The Vibrant Streets Toolkit can be used by retailers, businesses, merchants’ associations, government agencies, neighborhoods, and community groups to make incremental, measured improvements in their commercial districts to attract shops and restaurants. Getting started is easy. Make a Vibrant Street happen in your neighborhood!

Street Beat

16th Street Mall

June 26, 2015

The 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian and transit mall in Denver, Colorado. Over a mile long, the mall runs along 16th Street and is home to over 300 locally-owned/chain stores, over 50 restaurants, and the Denver Pavilions, a shopping and dining destination with a movie theater.

pop-ups to placemaking: how temporary efforts can have lasting effects

June 19, 2015

Tactical urbanism. Placemaking. Pop-ups. These buzzwords have been floating through the urban planning and city development community for years, but are experiencing their time in the limelight as cities prioritize revitalization efforts. But what do they really mean, and what kind of effect can they have on lasting innovation and change in a community?

finding community in the unlikeliest places

June 04, 2015

At 7:45 AM on a Monday morning, not many people expect to be making friends. It’s early, most are still recovering from a post-weekend stupor, and the idea of spending the next eight hours at work is not exactly riveting. But, as they say, misery loves company – and it often serves as common ground for forming a sense of community.


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