Dauphin Street

Downtown Mobile is the economic and cultural hub of the central Gulf Coast, a city with a future as exciting as her past. Ships from around the world sail into her port carrying goods and visitors, 22,000 workers tend to the business of the region, world class entertainers grace her stages and emerging artists exhibit works in galleries both expansive and intimate.

This creative and economic energy is contributing to the revitalization of our 300 year old city; a city of great charm, rich diversity and dynamic ideas. Downtown Mobile has been revitalized and redeveloped in many ways with the addition of skyscrapers and renovation of historic buildings.

Unbeknownst to many, Mobile is the original birthplace of Mardi Gras in the US. Dauphin Street, where many of the parades take place, is also the city’s principal commercial corridor, Dauphin Street acquired such a reputation for quality, that the slang phrase “Like walkin’ down Dauphin Street” came to denote anything of exceptional quality. The street is still rich with history and shops, restaurants, and cultural sights.


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